It is a cold, moonlit evening in late April, 1944 and you find yourself  having a glass of vin rouge in ‘Café Mange-Tout, Mange-Tout’ situated in a small town just off the coast of Normandy, France.

The café is, (or should I say – was) owned by Monsieur René Renier, a key member of the local ‘Maquis’ (Résistance) network.

It is a time of intrigue, conspiracy, propaganda and collaboration, but who is conspiring against whom; and who is collaborating with whom – is anyone’s guess !                                                                                               As the evening progresses, the reason for the request of your presence here tonight is gradually revealed to you.  But just as the calvados is being served and the real business of the evening is about to begin, René collapses dead at the table, head first into the remains of his ‘plat du fromage’.                                                   detective cartoonBefore anyone has time to say, ‘bonnet de douche!’ Mademoiselle Clarice Dotrice, Inspectrice de Police, arrives at the café and suddenly everyone is under suspicion of murder!

Well, not really, it’s “Résistance to Murder”  another one of Holywood Players Murder Mystery nights and none the worse for that. We had a great time last year with our Railway Station murder so come along and see if you can solve this one, we think it’s a bit trickier! Friday 6th February 8pm in Holywood Yacht Club. Bar open from 7.30, admission £10


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